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A Flemish rabbit is a sweet, lovable companion who can be kept inside and blends well into family. Guus, who is also known as “Guus, the Flemish giant,” online is pretty laid back and enjoys a good cuddle just like any other pet.

Flemish Giant Rabbits - The Ultimate Guide | Home & Roost Giant Rabbit Playing With Dog - YouTube Meet Guus, A 22lb Rabbit That Draws Attention Not Only For His Size, But Also His Do.


. The breed is known for its docile nature and patience when being handled, resulting in domestication and commonly being kept as pets. .

Would make great 4h projects for kids, pets, shows,.

Flemish Giants are historically a utility breed used for their fur and meat. “Also, his toilet. .

And in today’s article, we want to introduce you to a REALLY big cutie – Guus the giant Flemish rabbit. .

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10K Likes, 128 Comments - Guus (@guus_the_flemish_giant) on Instagram: "|G O T C H A| Cat and Bun play 😂😂 #reuzekonijn #flemishgiantrabbit #bunnylove #cutebunny.

This beautiful Flemish rabbit lives in. in Animals.

Hi! I am Guus; A cheeky Flemish Giant living in Amsterdam. And in at the moment’s article, we.

Hi! I am Guus; A cheeky Flemish Giant living in Amsterdam.

Dec 5, 2022 · Meet Guus, A 22lb Giant Flemish Rabbit, Whose Size And Dog-Like Personality Make People Fall In Love With Him.


. I never thought bunnies were that smart or cute. May 18, 2023 · 3,219 likes, 42 comments - Guus (@guus_the_flemish_giant) on Instagram: "|T R E A T S| The weekend has started.

May 17, 2023. . . . . .

These giant rabbits can reach an immense size very quickly.

. 🐰•Guus.

"Well, he was potty trained in about 2-3 weeks.

guus_the_flemish_giant Also during the day, he loves to jump next to you on the couch and seeks attention.



Guus loves to follow his humans around the house and gnaw on.