After initial checks are complete, the manuscript is assigned to an editor, who reads the paper, consults with the editorial team, and decides whether it should.

May 19, 2023 · How Shanahan arrived at the decision was a lengthy and dramatic process, culminating with a meeting they had Friday morning when Shanahan informed Dubas his contract -- which was set to expire.

Answer: The status change indicates that your manuscript was under discussion to arrive at a decision (based on your revisions), and has now come back to. .

Making an editorial decision.

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Decision in process: The handling editor has drafted a decision, but it has not yet been finalized or sent to the authors.

The first step is to take stock and evaluate how well existing data ethics principles, policies and processes are operating. . .

This article shows the editorial process after Submitting a manuscript to a journal. If so, you should set aside five minutes to watch data and economics editor Ed Conway explain all at the TV wall.


Your team has prepared the paper, written a cover letter and completed the submission form.

The publication process explained. Decision in process: The handling editor has drafted a decision, but it has not yet been finalized or sent to the authors.

The journal editor will make a first decision about your submission. .

The following decision types are available: Reject; Major revision; Minor revision.
The concept of real-time data insights refers to the ability to gather, process and analyze data as it is generated.

The outputs of the framework can then usually be used to anchor decision-making.

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. May 25, 2023 · editor invited 后直接变成 decision in process投稿一个多月,Editor Invited 之后两周后直接出现 Decision in Process,感觉好奇怪,正常来说 editor invited 应该是编辑部初审通过后邀请编辑处理,为什么没有 with editor 就直接 Decision in Process,想咨询一下这个过程,谢谢。. Mar 3, 2014 · Answer: When a journal displays the “decision in process” status, it means that the editorial board is in the process of making the final decision about your paper.

3 weeks is pretty long for this. 5. . . . In many cases there is cause for another round of reviews which would loop back to 4 and 5.


The decision may need to be confirmed by the Editor-in-Chief first. the Editor-in-Chief contacts the author with the decision.

The Editors have begun a decision in the system.

Before moving forward, take the time to assess your skills, interests and experiences to determine whether the franchise is a good fit for you.


b) reject.